About Us


Parampara Saree’s platform is founded in 2018 by young & dynamic entrepreneur named Harshad Dholariya.

paramparasaree.com is an online platform that allows people from all over the world to get a first-hand experience of the glorious Indian ethnic fashion. The young website currently works extensively with women’s fashion – with splendid saree – the cultural Indian ensemble – at its center. Backed by two years old, highly revered, and trusted apparel paramparasaree.com brings on board an essential assurance of profound analysis, uncompromised quality, and amazing designs. The soul of this effort lies in the abundance and depth of Indian crafts and handloom creations. paramparasaree.com thinks that these traditional, amazing arts must get the platform they deserve. We also hold Saree, the omnipresent symbol of Indian fashion, in great esteem, and look for innovative ways to promote it globally.